The [Happy] Ending
The [Happy] Ending

The [Happy] Ending


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This Blog Is Just for A PerSoN a LosT In My LiFe CoZ I ThOuGhT He WoUld BreAk My HeArt... BuT he NevEr Would Do.... Or WoUld u? OkOk sO I BrOke It Up But I coUld SleeP The HolE NigHt Just Of Thinking Of U... U WouLd SaY LeT Him GO BuT i tOld Him One NiTe " Ich k?nnte es mir nich vorstellen ohne dich zu leben"... ThaTs WhAt Im ThInkinG tHe HolE TiMe ... Is The A ChaNce? I DonT KnoW I trY tO FeeL WhAt RighT Or Wrong
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